Homemanager 5 is coming!

Homemanager 5 is the biggest change since the initial release. A fresh new user interface, paired with a new management concept and powerful features as push notifications.
Leave us your feedback and wishes and sign up for the public beta coming Q2 2024.

Discover the features

Although the best way to explore the app's features is to try them out yourself, we have also prepared a feature overview for you.

What is the Homemanager App?

All systems together

All your Homebridge/HOOBS instances and servers at one place. Managable with one intuitive UI.

Platform independent - due to API communication

The app uses the official HomebridgeUI and HOOBS Core API. This allows you to connect your setup - running on any platform - with ease.

Native design

Our app is natively designed and developed for iOS & iPadOS.

Using the app feels as responsive and snappy as you expect it to be.

Interactive guides

Configuration and plugin management made easy - thanks to our interactive, localized and dynamic built-in guides.

Powerful features for a better workflow

New configuration features not only make everything easier for beginners, they also boost the workflow of Homebridge/HOOBS power users.

Beginner friendly

The original concept of the app was always to make Homebridge beginner friendly.

We listen(ed) carefully to our users and increase(d) the usability with each update.

What is Homebridge?

Homebridge is an open source software written by a large community to provide HomeKit support for almost all smart devices on the market. Homebridge works as a bridge between your physical smart home devices and HomeKit. Once set up, you can control your non-certified HomeKit devices in any HomeKit app and with Siri.

What is HOOBS?

HOOBS is an alternative to Homebridge, developed by "HOOBS Inc." whose focus is on hardware out-of-the-box solutions.

If you don't have a Homebridge or HOOBS server running yet, you can find more information and interactive instructions right in the app.

What people say about us

Apple AppStore User

"This application makes managing HOOBS on a Pi super simple. Using a local machine is no longer necessary when updating HOOBS versions along with plugins. It sports a super clean informative interface as well. Can’t wait for version 3."

Apple AppStore User

"It’s a great app , nice interface , easy to understand and use ... I love controlling Hoobs from my iPad and iPhone. The best part is that I needed some info from support and guess what ... shortly after I did get the answer so I wrote back and ... bang ! There he goes again. So even if you have a great product workforce is a must. So good product comes from great people and they sure are great ... thanks Ron !"

🇩🇪 Apple AppStore User

"Bin Homebridge Neuling und habe mit Homemanager und HOOBS prima erste Erfolge. Die APP braucht ein wenig KnowHow und nach ein wenig rumprobieren funktioniert das. Will mich nicht mit config und json rumschlagen, bin kein Nerd sondern nur einfacher User. Brauche nur die Basic Version und der Preis ist fair. Freue mich auf Version 3.0."

🇩🇪 Apple AppStore User

"Nachdem ich - mit mittelmäßiger Vorbildung - mein System mit einer anderen App zerschossen habe, half mir der Entwickler unglaublich schnell und direkt Homemanager ans Laufen zu bekommen. Jetzt habe ich endlich meine Harmony Hub unter Home, ich war schon am Aufgeben! Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht, App und Support sind super! Chapeau!"

One time payment
All App Features (v4.0.0)
Free Mail Support
Max. 1 Server (HOOBS/Homebridge)
one time payment
All App Features
Free Mail Support
Unlimited Server Connections
Supports the further Development a lot
Full access to future updates

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