February 27, 2021
  • Switched entirely to API based connections, instead of SSH (Homebridge UI API and HOOBS Core API)
  • Significantly reduced loading times
  • More stable connections thanks to the close technical collaboration with the Homebridge UI developer.

  • Improved visualization of multi-level config schemes, as well as "schema conditions" support
  • Find config entries even faster with the new sort and search functions.
  • Hybrid Config: navigate visually through the config and edit only the desired area in plain text
  • New Swipe gestures for sharing, plain text view, copying, duplicating and deleting config objects
  • The setup guide is now even more dynamic, simple and interactive.
  • Plain text config view now with syntax highlighting
  • Simpler menus for managing generic config objects
  • SmartDetect 3 now also allows sample configurations that contain small syntax errors

  • Support for "Homebridge verified Plugins"
  • Installation and removal are now interactive and include additional background checks
  • Plugin versions can now easily be changed interactively and can also be defined during installation
  • Config objects are now directly accessible from the corresponding plugin page
  • HOOBS users receive plugin data now entirely from "plugins.hoobs.org"

Instance Log
  • Now finally natively available for all Homebridge and HOOBS users
  • With Homebridge, including colour visualisation

Software Page
  • View Homebridge, Homebridge UI and HOOBS Core Updates
  • Possibility to trigger the above updates
  • Option to change the temperature unit

  • Transparent and independent setup instructions for Homebridge and HOOBS
  • Add new instances quickly, with a new automatic instance detection (with Bonjour detection)
  • Useful tips and general additional information
  • Instances and servers can now be managed more clearly

  • New optimized layout, including various design changes (for example an improved dark mode)
  • More beginner-friendly and detailed descriptions
  • Intelligent assistance during various tasks
  • More precise error messages and optimized loading animations
  • Localization into new languages. In total: English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish