Connect multiple bridges and servers

No matter if you use HOOBS 3, 4 or Homebridge, you can connect all your servers to the app. Monitor the status of all servers on one screen and manage their bridges.

Manage your plugins with ease

See installed plugins, search for new plugins, view details about plugins, change installed versions, enable/disable plugins, donate to your favourite developers and much more.

Your configuration at a glance

Managing your configuration has never been easier. Use swipe gestures, search for keywords in your entire configuration, copy elements from one config to another without touching a single line of JSON!
You prefer JSON? Navigate visually to the element you want to configure and select "Plain Config" to edit your element in a native JSON editor.

Guided configurations for 950+ plugins

As of the app supports the official Homebridge config schema protocol, you can configure most of the important plugins on the market within an easy to use UI.
But we don't stop there. We also offer a visual config page for all generic JSON plugin configurations.

Manage Child-Bridges

Starting with Homemanager 4 you can create, control and manage Homebridge Child Bridges inside the app.

Child Bridges allow you to run plugins as separate bridges. In case a plugin crashes, only this child bridge will stop working in HomeKit.

Learn more

All about your software on one page

Updates of your HOOBS Core, Homebridge UI and Homebridge software stack, all on one page.

Link with pre-authentication to the web interface for easy accessible service settings.

The bridge log, just a tap away

Easily access the bridge log inside the app, with integrated highlighting and an easy option to share the log.
Also useful in your workflow, the selection mode. Switch to a plain text view to select specific parts of your log easily as text.

Switch like a pro

Managing multiple bridges and servers has never been easier before. Stay on your current page and easily navigate to a different bridge.
This makes general monitoring, as well as specific use cases as coping config elements from other bridges, very easy and convenient.

Interactive guide

Not much experience with HOOBS or Homebridge yet? No problem! At many places in the app we prepared interactive guides that help you with configuration, fixing issues and more.

Also very useful: SmartDetect. With SmartDetect you can import example configurations from plugin descriptions, the app will then prepare a visual config interface for you based on the imported config snippet.

Homemanager 4 is here!

Homemanager 4 is about all you loved in the past, now with more features and many improvements under the hood! Read more about what changed with this update on our "Versions" page.

Ready to try Homemanager?